Remove Wet Debris!
If your home was flooded, you must remove wet items from as soon as possible to avoid

mold. Mold can be dangerously unhealthy for you and anyone in your home,

especially those with respiratory disorders.

Remove debris to the curb, where it will be picked up by the DPW. 

Tear out sheetrock up to the water line.

You can get help! 
Teams of volunteers are available in Englewood to clear debris from homes and disinfect flooded areas. Contact Metro Community Church, in Englewood.  email

Volunteer to help clean homes

Sign up to help clear out and clean up homes in Englewood. 

Click here.

Mold Can Be Dangerous!

Click here for information from the NJ Dept. of Health regarding mold.

Beware of Mold!

Mold can be dangerous for you and your family. Here are the CDC's guidelines regarding mold.

Beware of Disaster-Related Scams 

NJ's Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck advises "beware of price gouging, fake disaster-relief charities, and the sale of flood-damaged vehicles."

Click here for article​​

Red Cross Flood

Clean-Up Kits Available

Bergen Family Center

44 Armory Street, Englewood

9AM-5PM     Mon-Fri